Update: Exiles & Beer Festival !

Both the Beer fest & the Exiles Summer Bash where well attended.

Most of the team members of both the Male Senior team and the Women’s Senior Team joined the fun in the Exiles bash, with a relaxed atmosphere where the new recruits could socialize and get to know their new team mates for the up coming season.  The club also took the opportunity to introduce the newly appointed coaches that will help in the upcoming nursery that would later act as a feeder for the senior teams. In a nutshell one could say that it gave off a relaxed atmosphere for the first pre-season event hosted by the club.

The Beer Fest this year was another focus of the club as it helped show case the sponsors that where present there. Guinness, who is also one of the main sponsors took part in this annual event. This event was also received well, with many of both senior teams having taken part in this year’s festival.

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Stay tuned for more updates …..

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