Tom Devaney – Ireland

How did you hear of Overseas Rugby Club?
Bumped into Brian Dalton in the Dubliner on St.Patricks night after only arriving in the country a week or two earlier. I had never played as much as one game of rugby, but not so long later I was running around at Marsa.

What do you think of the club’s culture based of different international players?
It’s a pretty class setup. From my own experience, being new on the island and knowing no-one, it was a great way to meet up with other people who had arrived new at some stage also and have a social life pre-prepared for you to slip right into and throw back a few cisk. You end up at various nights out, drinking weird Finnish stuff, going buck ape at the American Embassy nights, or one of the Maltese dragging you to some spot around Malta. Was the answer to this question supposed to be rugby related?

Mention some good memories with Overseas RUFC
Despite the social ones of which I’ve had some fantastic post rugby game dinners on the Saturday followed by severe sessions, there have been several on pitch memories. My very first game we beat Kavallieri. We won 5-0! Winning the 7s tournament one year where I played every game and scored some memorable tries(of which there is no video much to my disappointment). The most memorable of which was the final and being level with Stompers and heading into injury time I found myself 3 men shy of the wing 10 metres from our own line, we were in possession, and the ball was played down the line from right to left. I had Joss(our captain) on my left shoulder and the Stompers captain right in front of me. I knew he’d figure I’d just offload the ball to Joss as for I was generally shite, so when I got the ball I ran towards him, faked a pass, he went straight for Joss, I broke the line, ran straight for their line, got about half way when eye balls and all sorts started falling off me, the Stompers captain had caught up with me at this stage, dragged him onto me when he went for me, held onto him, offloaded to Joss…BOOOM…try for overseas to take the 7s tournament. Still makes me cry that one!

Would you recommend other players to join the club? and Why?
First of all the main reason I joined Overseas was because it was a great way to meet other people on the island, plus great to get the regular exercise. I wasn’t expecting to be an actual player playing every game, but thought I could do the training and be a good sub or something. In the end I got some damn good exercise, played some great games, made lifelong friends, had some of the best nights out. It was also great to to see some of the Maltese starting out fresh and then playing for their country. It’s not just for ‘internationals’ but great also I think for some of the Maltese to pick up the experience of people who have played rugby all of their lives from strong rugby countries, and generally play some good rugby and have some damn good nights out.