Osgur McDermott Long – Ireland

I would recommend it purely for the people. You will meet some of the friendliest, most accommodating people on the island, who enjoy banter and a beer. Best family away from home!

Dariusz Smagieł – Poland

The best team in Malta, I can not recommend it to any high level of play, and the atmosphere in the team. RECOMMENDED

Thomas Chamberlain – Isle of Man

If you are new to Malta or to Rugby itself Overseas is the place to go. Of all the clubs they are the most welcoming for people of all ages and abilities. Both squads are extremely strong and I can say without a doubt this is the best club in terms of quality in the whole of Malta.

Joe Wilson – New Zealand

I loved it!! I felt the club encapsulated what’s great about rugby, bringing together a whole lot of different cultures to play hard on the field, but more importantly ensures everyone enjoys themselves off it over a few well deserved beers.

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