Luis Enrique Martinez – El Salvador

How did you hear of Overseas Rugby Club?
Another player posted about it in some Facebook expat group and I asked if if they would accept me even without not even had watched a Rugby game before, and of course they said yes. About three months later I was already playing my first game which I enjoyed and I can’t stop playing since then.

What do you think of the club’s culture based of different international players?
I feel a really open environment not only in training and games but on every event they organize. In my case was it exactly was I was looking for, since I’m living by myself in the Island and don’t know too much people, and to have a group of friends almost immediately after joining to the club is priceless. To train and play rugby not just helped me to start doing exercise again after 7 years, but gave me new challenges in my life and the energy to accomplish in order to improve myself. Some people says: Rugby is Therapy. At least for me, it worked.

Mention some good memories with Overseas RUFC
We were playing the semifinal for the 10’s cup and I could not believe that was me who gave one scoring pass. I’m sure this is something normal for much of you who usually play, but I just remember to look and throw the ball to my team mate and watching him running alone, straight to the scoring line. I was really happy because that was one of that moments where all the life bad feeling like stress, etc. goes away and you really see how training works. Even though I got hit in the back, felt to the ground and couldn’t see more, I was still happy and that’s something I believe only rugby can give.

Would you recommend other players to join the club? and Why?
Sure I would. I’m already doing it regardless that some people think I’m a little bit crazy for trying something like rugby after all my years without doing exercise and not having idea about it. I wish to know more people and ask then to join Overseas so they can have one of the best experience on theirs life.