Colin MacRae – New Zealand

How did you hear of Overseas Rugby Club?
Through another yachty friend.

What do you think of the club’s culture based of different international players?
Was a great experience being part of such a diverse group of men and women from all corners of the globe. It brings together different cultures but also a variety of different rugby playing styles!

Mention some good memories with Overseas RUFC
Winning the cup against our rivals the stompers a few years ago and holding our heads high after a not so easy run from the referees that season!!

Would you recommend other players to join the club? and Why?
I think anyone who has even the slightest interest in rugby should take up the opportunity that Overseas rugby has to offer. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or would like to try your hand at rugby for the first time, Overseas welcomes all skill levels and develops you into a team player with equal opportunities.