Ciaran Fitzgerald – Ireland

How did you hear of Overseas Rugby Club?
I was out for a night out when I met 2 drunken Englishmen who invited me down to training, being new on the island I didn’t know where I was going Clayon (Malta international star and current captain) went out of his way to pick me up and bring me training, I never looked back from there.

What do you think of the club’s culture based of different international players?
I loved all the different cultures at overseas, when I was playing there we had Irish English Scottish welsh American Australian South African and French playing along with the locals. I think for a lot of us it introduced us to life long friends from all over the world

Mention some good memories with Overseas RUFC
My very first game for overseas was the Medbank cup final and I was starting, to say I was nervous was and understatement but we went on to win which was a great feeling. The club also had a brilliant social side, I remember (vaguely) playing pub golf, I’m pretty sure after downing 18 drinks there was a couple of us tied and it went to a drink off, to this day I still don’t know who won but it was one of the best nights out I had in Malta ( even If was sick for weeks after it!)

Would you recommend other players to join the club? and Why?
Definitely, there is a great team spirit in overseas, they look after each other on and off the field. If I ever needed any help with anything in Malta I could call on overseas and somebody was always willing to help. Also it was a brilliant way of meeting new people in a very friendly environment.