Colin MacRae – New Zealand

I think anyone who has even the slightest interest in rugby should take up the opportunity that Overseas rugby has to offer. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or would like to try your hand at rugby for the first time, Overseas welcomes all skill levels and develops you into a team player with equal opportunities.

David Judd – Botswana

Would you recommend other players to join the club? and Why? Yeah of course! It is the best club on the Island!

Matthew Clement – United Kingdom

Yes the standard of fitness training is good, its a good social bunch and especially when a full first XV is available the standard is good and fast

Thierry SALIOU Titi – France

It is a good club with good ambition, with good and funny players! There is a big turnover every year with new player and the fact to play as well as Overseas play with new players every time make the club deserving to succeed!

Daniel Kis – Hungary

Every match and every team party are a good memories for me. The best one for me, when i played first time in my life in the big team, and we had a game against Valletta Lions. I remembered after 10 minutes only 14 players were on the pitch from us because we got a penalty but we didn’t give up and we won the match. It was awesome.

Tom Devaney – Ireland

In the end I got some damn good exercise, played some great games, made lifelong friends, had some of the best nights out. It was also great to to see some of the Maltese starting out fresh and then playing for their country.

Eugenio Bravo Millán – Spain

I think is really interesting to meet people from different countries and exchange different cultures and share experiences. Almost every weekend is especially gratefully. During the training, during the game and of course in the club house.

Hantonne Julien – Spain/ France

Mention some good memories with Overseas RUFC. For myself it was the first time I played Rugby and I discovered a complicated sport, more than I thought!! But it still good memories beacuse I still play today….

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