Summer Social @ Paradise Exiles

On the 20th of July, a perfect Summer Saturday, what some people may consider as the most important part of a season has started.

Indeed, another summer social event from the Overseas Rugby Club took place at Exiles in Sliema, and what would seriously be better for a rugby team to bond over than a bar, a beach, a rugby ball, a water polo field, and 2 boats?

As expected, the venue was attended by a really good number of the Overseas squad, which was really helpful for the new players and members of the club to integrate and to feel like part of the family already.

The day passed with a brilliant atmosphere from the start to the end, meaning laughter, rugby, booze, and sharing the different experiences everyone has due to the diversity of the rugby club. Not less than 10 nationalities were represented this day, including obviously Maltese, English, Irish, French, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Swedish etc etc.

During the day, The team has also enjoyed playing waterpolo with a rugby ball ( maybe a new concept has been invented 🙂 ) and might have broken a record for the number of rugby players standing up on a Sailing boat.

Definitely a brilliant day out for everyone involved, more to come this summer so stay tuned.

Article By: Jonas Nahon