Rugby: More than just a sport

We’ve decided to delve deep into the heart of what Rugby means to the Overseas Ladies’ team!

From the outside, Rugby may seem like a barbaric sport of a bunch of players toppling over each other and literally fighting for possession of a ball. But asking the following question to our Overseas Ladies’ team shows us a far more different perspective indeed!

“What does Rugby mean to you?”

We started with the team Captain, Sairtia Cassar:

“Rugby means simply everything to me! Most of my happiness revolves around it. It’s my bliss. Rugby made me encounter awesome friends and a Coach who changed my life! From focusing on just negative things and limiting myself, as opposed to making me burst through my limitless potential, conquering successes which I never even thought were possible. Rugby promotes me in great physical discipline by setting small reachable goals, leading me to much bigger ones. It teaches me mental toughness every day. So, in a few words; Rugby sought in me growth, transformation and happiness at all levels, mentally physically and also spiritually. Rugby has given me extreme true moments of joy, some highly shining moments which I will treasure throughout my life!”

Danielle Sciortino:

“To me, rugby is the time where I feel most in my element. The sense of unified purpose that comes along with training hard with my team mates and pushing each other forward is unlike any other.
Also, the entertaining and unforgettable fun times we share together as a team are what make us feel like a family 🙂 .”

Mandy Dalli:

“Rugby means the world to me! If it wasn’t for Rugby I would not be who I am today. It gives me self-confidence, teaches me discipline, and pushes me to achieve more. Along the way I also got to meet some incredible people. My team is my family, whom I can trust on and off the pitch. Rugby is not just a game. Rugby is a life changing experience!”

Monique Mizzi:

“Rugby is the only sport that allowed me to fit in as I am, with my strengths and weaknesses. It has helped me become stronger, fearless, and in the process, find an amazing new family of friends that have become a crucial part of my life.”

Kim Micallef:

“Rugby is great fun but it requires discipline, commitment and hard work. While playing Rugby my only focus is the game, making my troubles magically disappear. But Rugby means so much more. Rugby has taught me to believe in myself and be comfortable with who I am. It has proven to me that the only limit is fear, that if I overcome that fear I can achieve whatever I want. Through Rugby I found my second family, my team mates! We find constant support in one another; we push each other further to believe in our capacities; all this sprinkled with endless laughs and fun memories make it the time of my life! For me Rugby is a way of life, which I will not change for the world!”

Wendy Pace:

“First thing that comes to mind: Rugby is my Saturday; there would be no Saturday without rugby.”

Victoria Sciberras:

“Rugby for me is an amicable battle which I look forward to every weekend 🙂 .”

Rebecca Bonnici:

“Rugby for me is not just a sport, being part of a good group of friends is something to look forward to every training session.”

Roxanne Mallia:
“Rugby means everything to me! It’s about making new friends, compete against each other, having fun, making tries, but most of all rugby is my sport, my second family!!!”

Last but not least, Sixtine Chamouton, our latest addition to the team, all the way from France:

“For me rugby is beyond borders. Even if you change countries and don’t speak the same language you can play on a field because rugby is the language.”

So, has your initial idea of rugby changed? Rugby is not merely a sport; Rugby means the world to us. Rugby speaks a universal language. Rugby unites us! Rugby defines us!

Finally, we sincerely would like to thank Stefan Demarco, Lionel Da Silva, Jonas Nahon and Gareth Corcoran for their help and constant support throughout this season!

This could very well be your experience too! Join us we’re waiting to meet you! 😉


  • David White 24th February 2015 at 10:44 AM

    Away of life

  • Danielle Sciortino 24th February 2015 at 11:07 AM

    Sairita Cassar here it is 😉

  • Gabrielle Galea 24th February 2015 at 10:11 PM

    Miss you ladies! <3 x

  • Sairita Cassar 25th February 2015 at 3:47 PM

    Heeeeyy Gaaaabbyyyy! Hope you’re well…when r u back for a game

  • Gabrielle Galea 26th February 2015 at 12:07 AM

    Soon I hope Sairita Cassar. In the meantime, training tomorrow 😉 new boots, new location xxxx much love to you all. Xxxxxx

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