Overseas RUFC joins Swieqi Sports Association

The Swieqi Sports Association has been officially launched on June the 20th at the Swieqi Local Council.

This new sports organisation is the result of the collaboration between 3 sports organisations, Swieqi Overseas Rugby Union Football Club, Swieqi United Football Club and Swieqi Phoenix Handball Club. Its objective is to bring together different sports disciplines in Swieqi, Madliena and Ibrag under one banner.

The association promotes pooling of resource, sharing of information and establishment of standards for everyone involved. Its aim is to provide opportunities to anybody interested in different sports, and especially Rugby, Handball and Football.

This applies to different aspects such as coaching, playing and administrative. The association’s goal is also to encourage children and young adults to enrol into the different nurseries at a younger age, and therefore being introduced to sports fundamentals earlier in their lives.

The planned next step is a joint pre-academy (Children aged 4 to 8) where all children joining would be able to practice and to be coached in different sports disciplines. A meeting for parents and coaches shall be held on the 19th August 2014. Read more about the Rugby Youth Academy Launch.

The founding clubs’ presidents are really satisfied and enthusiastic by the project and its huge potential.

Dr. Chris Cachia, president of the Swieqi Overseas Rugby Union Football Club commented:

“The SSA brings together different sports organisations and disciplines under one banner, allowing pooling of resource and knowledge, and creating economies of scale. This will strengthen the clubs involved and at the same time promote sport by providing different options to athletes in the locality and beyond. This project also provides a platform to any individual seeking to advance their interest in a particular sport discipline, be it as a coach, player or supporter. Swieqi Overseas Rugby Union Football Club is proud to be part of such a forward looking project and to contribute to its success.”

Dr. Justin Fenech, Swieqi United Football Club’s president said that the founding of the SSA is a landmark for the locality of Swieqi.
In 2009, Swieqi United was the first official sports organisation representing the locality on the national level. 5 years later, the locality of Swieqi has a number of active sports organisations, and they have now come together in order to foster good governance and promote sport in Swieqi and beyond.
To make sure this initiative is successful, Swieqi United is fully committed and we are looking forward to this collaboration with our partner clubs for mutual benefit and the benefit of residents and the locality as a whole.

Orlando Bonnici, president of Swieqi Phoenix Handball Club also said that this is the kind of collaboration that can improve Maltese Sports.
The three different clubs complement each other and this co-operation will bring better results for all of them.
The club is very proud to represent the locality of Swieqi and will work hard through the newly formed Swieqi Sports Association to ensure that the goals of each club and the locality are met.
If one is interested in the association’s operations or to receive more details can contact the club on the newly set up facebook page or by contacting any of the founding clubs’ directly.

If you wish to follow this new association, you can join them on Facebook

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