Opening night with our new home bar: Bar Native!

Rugby Malta sponsors: Bar Native

Last Saturday, the 8th of October 2016, Swieqi Overseas Rugby Club was facing Kavallieri Rugby Club in their first League Game of the season. After a very good game who saw our boys winning 36 – 19 (Full report of the game here), the whole club was meeting from 8pm in their new home bar, the Bar Native in Saint Julian’s.

Indeed, we are proud to announce the partnership between Swieqi Overseas Rugby Club and Bar Native for the season 2016/17, and, with this agreement in place, the opening night was held after this game for an excellent third half as we call it.

Bar Native provided all the players with excellent food and a brilliant reception, where the players had a kangaroo court with the awards for the day’s game, including many songs sung by our very international crew made of multiple nationalities.

With such a friendly place to welcome around 50 members of the club and friends, the night has been an absolute success and finished in the early morning for the more courageous J.

Once again, a brilliant day in the office, with a good victory in the Cisk League season opener, and a proper third half where players, supporters and random people were simply here to enjoy a good time among friends.

A big thank you also goes to Guinness and RockSteady, without who this night wouldn’t have been such a success.