Membership – Season 2014/2015

With preseason and friendlies well underway, it is time for you all to submit your membership applications to ensure you are able to play, vote, and fully support the Swieqi Overseas Rugby Union Football Club (RUFC).

Please complete the 2014/2015 membership application!

The membership types and fees for the season are as follows:

  • Voting Senior Male Player – Full Time Student (Eur 90)
    This membership tier covers all the MRFU fees, shorts, socks, and a training top. Only full time male students are elligible for this type of membership.
  • Voting Senior Male Player (Eur 130)
    This is the standard membership for senior team male players. It includes all the MRFU fees, shorts, socks, and a training top.
  • Voting Senior Female Players (FREE)
    This is the women’s senior team membership. It has been decided that the membership shall be FREE in order to help promote women’s rugby in Malta. We encourage all women of any age to try out and join our Ladies Rugby Team. You may also want to check out this article on Female Rugby in Malta.
  • Associate
    This is ideal for supporters, non-playing members and anyone wishing to help out the rugby club. This membership includes 1 Club Tie along with thes MRFU fees. This does not entitle you to vote for club matters such as the AGM elections.


Payment options:

  1. Cash to Club officials (NOT the coaching staff or Clayton – Please give cash to Dario Azzopardi, Dr. Chris Cachia or Sergio Schiavone)
  2. Cheque payable to “Overseas Rugby Union Football Club”
  3. Bank transfer (The details are available on the application form)


Please complete the membership and settle the payments ASAP and by not later than Sunday 5th October. We remind you that unless you have been registered with us and the MRFU, you will not be able to represent the club in any official games.

If you have any queries please contact the Club Treasurer Dario Azzopardi or President, Dr. Chris Cachia.

Youth Academy Registration

The registrations for the Youth Academy have been open for some time and the interest in the pre-academy stage has been overwhelming with over 60 kids having signed up. The pre-academy will give children the opportunity to play 3 different team sports through the Swieqi Sports Association.

REGISTER NOW and give your children the chance to try out different sports at a young age.

The sports offered are:

  • Rugby – Swieqi Overseas RUFC
  • Football – Swieqi United FC
  • Handball – Swieqi Phoenix Handball Club