Malta National Squad – Clayton Cassar; Answer’s Damo’s 3 Big Questions

1. What is so special about representing Malta in Rugby Union?

Think of it like a huge challenge, like reaching a summit, its a tough journey your body/mind/lifestyle has to go through every time, and when you get a glimpse of what’s up there, you experience these feelings which cannot be replicated elsewhere such as being part of great group of mates all working towards the same goal, wanting to succeed, not wanting to let each other/country down and all the good and bad experiences that come along with it. Unfortunately you only fully grasp how special this is until you’re not part of it.

2. What has been your best experience in a Malta Jersey?

It has to be my comeback game after I had some time out. It was a hard journey of recovery, but I guess the process of getting back up there was as rewarding as being on the pitch. One cannot forget to mention the high which a home game can give you backed up by family and Malta supporters, it’s an emotion which keeps you longing for more.

3. What insight would you pass on to your younger self, knowing what you know now?

Ignore the naysayers and turn that energy to fuel your drive. Don’t go of ‘your path’ to please others. Opportunities don’t come every day, so embrace them and appreciate every turn. Things will not always go as planned, but there is nothing wrong in trying again and again until you get there. Identify your weakness both physical and mental, and work on them until they become your strengths. Give priority on developing yourself especially your mind, there is more to it than you already know and its more powerful than anything else.

Tony Garret
President Swieqi Overseas RFC

Clayton has played for Swieqi Overseas rugby club for ten years and has developed into one of the best Maltese – based players in the history of international rugby here.

He sets high standards for himself and works tirelessly to achieve them, putting in many hours of dedicated training. He is an excellent role model for the younger players at our club and willingly passes on his knowledge and experience. He is one of those once in a generation players and he has an inspirational effect upon those around him.

He is very modest about his achievements, but he doesn’t have to tell us because we know how good he is ! He also has the biggest and warmest smile in the club which cheers us all up.

He is totally committed to the sport and his objective was always to play for Malta. He is very proud to play for his country, and we are very proud of him.

We wish him and the rest of his team mates every success in the forthcoming internationals.

Swieqi Overseas Rugby Club are the oldest club in Malta and in the Mediterranean Region, was founded on the 11th November 1946. The club introduced rugby to the island and has made a significant contribution to the development of the sport, both on and off the field. Many former players have gone on to play for leading clubs around the world, some being chosen to represent and captain their country.

Today, the club has embraced the development of the game across all three sectors – men’s, women’s and youth rugby. All three are thriving and very successful, and our founder members would be delighted to see the progress made.

Both our men’s and women’s sections contain players who have been chosen to represent Malta, an achievement which we are extremely proud of. We provide all the support and assistance available to us to allow our players to develop and fulfil their potential, which is a commitment made by the club, the coaches and the players.

Our youth section is filled with enthusiastic players who are quickly learning the skills of the game. Equally as important is the sheer enjoyment they obtain from being involved in the game.

We must never forget that this is what brought us all into rugby and it remains a core part of our ethos.

We are very grateful for all the support and assistance we receive from organisations near and far. Locally, this includes Swieqi Council and the Swieqi Sports Association, the MRFU and the many organisations who have kindly provided us with sponsorship and support. Internationally, this includes Hertford College (Oxford University), Saracens Rugby club and many current and former international players from many countries.

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— with Clayton Cassar.