Malta National Rugby Fixtures 2014-2016

The Malta Rugby Football Union National Team is currently ranked 41st in the world according to the International Rugby Board putting them ahead of Sweden, Switzerland, and Croatia amoung others. The team is competing including a number of our own Overseas RUFC players are competing in the European Nations Cup Division 2, third tier rugby union in Europe behind the Six Nations Championship and the European Nations Cup First Division.

The 2nd Division is split into 4 pools with the teams playing eachother in a round-robin fashion over a two-year period. Malta is currently in pool 2A which is the highest ranked pool in the Division which means that the winner of this pool will be promoted to the Division 1 pool B while the last team will be relegated to Division 2 pool 2B. This process of promotion and relegation applies to all the pools in Division 2.

Fixtures for European Nations Cup Division 2 (2014-2016)


Date Home Away
01/11/2014 Malta Vs. Croatia
08/11/2014 Czech Republic Vs. Malta
18/04/2015 Israel Vs. Malta
25/04/2015 Malta Vs. Switzerland
14/11/2015 Croatia Vs. Malta
21/11/2015 Malta Vs. Czech Republic
09/04/2016 Switzerland Vs. Malta
16/04/2016 Malta Vs. Israel

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