Ladies’ Rugby Saturdays!

Rugby Saturdays are here, where the pre-season commenced with friendly games. The games took off slightly different then what we are used to, with the first game being 3 vs 3 (each half lasting 3 minutes). This decision was taken due to the fact that we have a number of new players. The 3 vs 3 games consisted of 2 separate teams; the 0 -3 years experience group and the 3+ years experience team. The teams played on a smaller pitch (25m x 40m) than usual. Also, no scrums, rucks or lineouts were in play, only tap and go. This was done so that the beginners will find it easier to adjust to playing the game, as well as for safety reasons.

The weeks progressed from 3 vs 3 to 5 vs 5 and finally 7 vs 7 . In 5 vs 5 games each half was 5 minutes long. The 7’s friendly games will include, scrums, lineouts and scrum in a full size Rugby pitch.
The official MRFU Women 7’s Tournament will commence on Saturday 13th December.

Swieqi Overseas RUFC Ladies are continuously recruiting new players. If you are interested to join us please visit the Swieqi Overseas Rugby Facebook Page