Give Blood Play Rugby

There`s an old saying “Give Blood, Play Rugby” so the Overseas Rugby Team members decided to do this….LITERALLY!
In the words of the mens team captain, Clayton Cassar, “We all have shed some blood one day or another during games, so we have decided to donate some blood to those in need.”

We have such a diverse mix of men and women from countries all around the world and are proud to support the community together by donating blood to give someone in need, the gift of Life.

Blood donation can be daunting to some people but the girls and guys from the Overseas and Overshes Rugby Teams are more than willing to help, even the ones afraid of needles!

We encourage anyone who is eligible to donate blood, to please do so.
Some players were unfortunately sin binned, we mean ineligible, but still offered support to the donating players and of course were hoping to be afforded the opportunity to see some grown men cry but luckily there was no Hospital pass, no fending involved, no Mulligrubbers or Medical Jokers!!

There was a good turnout of Overseas RUFC players so thank you for taking time out from spilling blood on the pitch to donating it! Also, thank you to the friends and family who attended and also donated.

Blood Donation Unit

Article By: Louisa-Jayne Houston