Club Members Join LifeCycle 2014

Swieqi Overseas RUFC is always happy to hear of the success and achievements of its members, as it is of Charlo Seychell and Andrew Schembri for taking part, and comleteing the 2014 LifeCycle in Japan. This was the 16th annual Life Cycle Challenge which took participants across 2,000 KM from Fukuoka in South Japan to Tokyo.


Find out what Charlo had to say about this challenging event:

Day 1:

Pressure was already starting to build up. We woke up very early to assemble our bikes with only an hour to do so after the bikes were delivered to our accommodation late. since our bikes were delivered late to our accommodation. We were determined to start the first 150km long leg of the challenge on time and this determination and energy along with an easier route saw the day fly by extremely quickly.

Day 2:

This was an important and eventful day which saw us cyclicing through busy roads which were not too safe for us. One of our cyclists was almost run over by a truck and I injured both my knees when I fell off my bike to avoid being hit by a car. Fortunately nothing too serious and we all continued and completed this next leg.


On the third day I woke up in pain following the accident during the previous leg. I was determined to continue and I started the day with the others however I was unable to keep up with their pace due to the constant pain. Towards the end of the day I was  considering to retire from the challenge but fortunately one of the experienced cyclists motivated me enough to continue and also suggested that I go to see the team physio to check out my injury.

Day 4:

I woke up determined to finish off the day. Legs both strapped by the physio, I tried not to think about anything and just enjoyed the wonderful views which Japan has to offer. Constant mountains, rivers, and lakes which never stopped to amaze me.

Day 5:

Approx. 270km….ended the day supporting each other not to fall asleep after almost 14hrs


Approx. 290km….during long rides like these one has to take it 10km at a time

Day 7:

Shortest ride ( approx. 110km )…pain in my legs was still there but I was holding on. At least at the end of the day we had a nice treat from the locals with good food and a Jujistsu show.

Day 8:

Climbing up our first mountain, wasn’t easy at all. I just focused on my posture to avoid any other injuries on my legs and kept on pushing until the top. Fortunately, what goes up must come down, and this was by far the most enjoyable part of the course for the day.

Day 9:

If my legs gave me strength to endure all those days, I was not going to give up on the last two!

The second mountain, a 15km ride with an incline of 16% all the way to the top. That day saw me reach my limit, my legs could barely hold out but I made it to the  with every drop of energy that I had.

Day 10:

190km flat road with many annoying traffic lights all the way to Tokyo. Arrived there after 10hrs exhausted, injured, yet still with a smile on my face for having made it to the end.

I did this challenge so as to give something for others, and while doing so I learned to always be kind to others, to enjoy the little things in life, and to NEVER GIVE UP.


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