Beer Fest

The 33rd edition of The Farsons Beer Festival started on Friday 26th July and has fulfilled its promise to be the best in local and international line up of musicians and artists as well as the award winning beers!

There were thousands of visitors over the course of the 10 days of the festival and a myriad of players and their families attended, again this was a good sought out opportunity for the team to bond and promote the comradery and the internationalism of the Overseas RUFC team at such a reputable international festival.

Even though this was a social event, we could not stray away from a charitable donation from all the players to the Mission of Mercy, which is a Brazil based Maltese Mission.

The ‘Mission of Mercy’ was launched by Joseph A. Grima on the 12th of October 1997. It was something that Mr. Grima wanted to do a long time ago as he witnessed for many years the injustices, cruelty, hunger, abuse and lack of care for underprivileged children around the world – he experienced all this as a child. The opportunity to do something came when Joseph returned to his place of birth, Malta. The Overseas RUFC Team had the opportunity to help and each made a charitable donation for what we believe is a worthwhile cause.

Attendance at such a prominent occasion in the Maltese Calendar of events is important to the Overseas RUFC to promote the concept of diversity within the team. We explore these socio-economic differences in a safe, positive environment through training and through attending such events.

We understand that each individual is unique and we recognise that our individual differences are what contribute to the success of our club.

For more information on the Mission of Mercy click on the following link: Mission Malta Brazil

Farsons Beer Fest

Article By: Louisa-Jayne Houston

Beerfest 2013