Beach Tourney & Fun Day a Great Success!

Swieqi Overseas Rugby Club organises Beach Tournament & Fun Day

Last Sunday 18th September, a beach rugby tournament was organised in Ghadira Bay, Mellieha. The tournament saw 4 mixed teams (men and women) competing against each other, following touch rugby rules.

Touch Rugby is basically a “light” version of Rugby, as there is no contact involved. Indeed, each team is allowed to be touched 5 times with the ball (similar to American Football or Rugby League), otherwise the ball changes hand.

This sport is becoming more and more popular over the world thanks to the possibility to have adults, kids, women and men playing all together and enjoying a great moment of friendship through sport.

The Swieqi Overseas Rugby Club was well represented with 2 teams, one of them even winning the tournament. This event was very well organised, with food and drinks provided and a very large area to show off our rugby skills. Few people who were randomly watching the games, sparking an interest towards the sport with some joining in the games. The majority of them loved it and will probably stay in touch with us for the whole season.

Hopefully this event was just the first one of many to come.

2.. 3.. Overseas!