Article on Women’s Rugby in Malta

High Heels in the Morning and Rugby Boots in the Evening

A few weeks ago Catherin Aquilina, a journalist, came to the Marsa Sports Complex to participate in a Women’s rugby training session. During this session she also interviewed players from different women’s teams including two of our players from Swieqi Overseas RUFC Ladies, Sairita Cassar (Team Captain and Women’s National Rugby Team player) and Danielle Sciortino. As you will read below, the main aim of the article is to raise awareness that Rugby is a sport that can be played by all women, no matter their shape or size.

Although men have been playing rugby since the 1800s in Malta, women have only been playing rugby since 2006. This means that ladies’ rugby has only been played for 8 years in Malta.

Contrary to what the stereotype might be, one doesn’t have to be well-built to play rugby. At present there are 4 Maltese ladies’ rugby teams; Kavallieri, Overseas, Falcons and Valletta Lions, which together are made up of around 50 players.

Bianca Casha, a Falcons player insists that “one may love wearing make-up and high heels as well as rugby”. Before playing rugby Bianca practiced ballet, however she insists that rugby gives her more satisfaction at the end of the day then ballet ever did.

Every player that interviewed has the same opinion. That being that the general public and the media give little importance to this ladies’ sport.

Last June we represented Malta in Lithuania and placed fifth out of twelve countries. Following the news and opening the newspaper and nothing was mentioned about this achievement. However we boast about foreign talent”, states Sairita Cassar (a player in the Maltese national rugby team) with a tone of disappointment.

Currently, the teams are all focused on their training for the upcoming season which commences in November.


Translated and adapted from the article “Filmat: Filgħodu bit-takkuna u filgħaxija biż-żarbun tar-rugby” by