The Statute

as of 9 October 2009


The name of the club is the “Overseas Rugby Union Football Club” (hereafter called the “Club”).


The address of the Club shall be any place designated from time to time by the Committee provided that all members are given notice in writing within ten (10) days of the change of address.


The Club is established as a non-profit making, bona fide sports club having as its main objects the development and promotion of the sporting activity of Rugby in the Maltese Islands. The objects include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. To carry on the legacy of the original Overseas Rugby Union Football Club founded in Malta in November 1946 and to continue the fine tradition started by the founders of the original club;
  2. To promote the spirit of the game and enjoy the game of Rugby in all its forms;
  3. To set up a series of matches and Rugby activities in private or public areas, for the training, instruction and entertainment of its members, supporters and any other enthusiasts;
  4. To ensure that Rugby is practiced in accordance with the Laws of the International Rugby Board (IRB) being the governing body of world Rugby, and the regulations issued by the Malta Rugby Football Union (hereafter referred to as the “Union”) or any other recognised Authority overseeing Rugby in Malta, and to see that all Union Laws are respected and fulfilled;
  5. To publicise as far as possible the activities of the Union and of Rugby in Malta, so as to generate further interest and enthusiasm among the general public; and
  6. To raise funds through memberships, sponsorships and fundraising events.


  1. The membership of the Club is open to all those who demonstrate a genuine interest in the sport of Rugby – whether they desire to play the game, assist in the running of the team or help in the administration of the sport in general.
  2. The minimum age required for a senior member to join the Club is eighteen (18) years.
  3. For a person to be a full playing member of the Club, that person must also belong to the Union as a Registered Member, and be up-to-date with any membership fees in order to play in any competitive matches.
  4. Each full player member is entitled to the maximum number of transfers during a season as set by the Union, in as long that any membership debts to the Club are fully settled. Notice of transfers must be sent in writing to the Union Secretary at least a week in advance.
  5. All members, upon joining, automatically undertake to accept and abide by this Statute, a copy of which will be provided to them on enrolment, and to be subject to the payment of Membership fees and all other matters required by virtue hereof.


Every Member of the Club shall pay an annual membership fee, as established by the Committee.


  1. There shall be a second category of membership – Associate Membership. This shall be open to pure supporters and well-wishers, who do not otherwise involve themselves directly in the organisation, administration or practice of the sport or in the running of the Union, but who attend as spectators or otherwise act as benefactors of the Club or Union in any way, or who intend to do so in the future.
    Associate members will pay an Annual membership fee which shall be decided by the Committee at the beginning of each season.
  2. Visiting players from abroad wishing to play locally for less than 5 matches may do so.

Enrolment is similar to that of a member but no annual membership fee is necessary.


  1. The Club shall be managed by a Committee to be elected every year from amongst the membership of the Club at the Annual General Meeting. Only full Members can be appointed to the Committee.
  2. The Committee shall be composed of the President, Secretary, Treasurer and Captain.
  3. The Committee may choose to co-opt a further four (4) members with a unanimous vote required for each co-opted member. Co-opted members have the same rights and obligations as the elected members on the Committee, unless otherwise specified by the Committee on co-option. The Committee may elect other officials from amongst themselves to facilitate the functions of office.
  4. Any person carrying out the role of Coach must be co-opted to the Committee. Persons eligible to act in this capacity do not have to be members of the Club.
  5. The Committee shall have all power to run the Club to the best of its ability, and can regulate its own procedures in accordance with generally accepted conduct of meetings. In so doing it shall act impartially, and will ensure at all times that the Laws of the Union and any by-laws, annexures or regulations are duly fulfilled.
  6. Any vacancies arising during its term of office can be replaced by co-option at the Committee’s discretion.
  7. The Quorum for all Committee meetings shall be one-half plus one of the total number of members in the Committee. Failure to attend four (4) consecutive meetings by a Committee member, shall empower the Committee to suspend the member and replace him.
  8. All decisions are to be taken by a show of hands, and by a simple majority, and the Chairman shall have a casting-vote in the event of parity of votes.
  9. All members of the Committee must be notified of any Committee Meetings at least 48 hours prior to the meeting, unless the circumstances require otherwise.
  10. Resignation from the Committee must be in writing and has to be addressed to the Club Committee and to the Union Secretary.


  1. There shall be two types of meetings:

    1. The Annual General Meeting (AGM) to be held preferably before the month of September in each year, with advance notice in writing to all full members of at least ten (10) days. Only members that are fully signed-up at least ten (10) days before a General Meeting are eligible to vote in that meeting;


    1. The Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) which requires notice of ten (10) days.

    An Agenda shall be drawn up for each type of Meeting which shall be circulated to the members with the notice of the meeting and it shall be adhered to.

    Any member may call an Extraordinary General Meeting by writing to the Secretary showing evidence of support of this move by no less than five (5).

    Members and the Secretary shall call the meeting within twenty (20) days of receipt of the notice by sending out notice of the meeting and the Agenda to the members.

  2. The Annual General Meeting will include as its Agenda:

    1. The minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting.
    2. The report of the Secretary.
    3. The presentation of the statement of income and expenditure for the year by the Treasurer for approval.
    4. The President’s address.
    5. Election of the Committee.

    The statement of income and expenditure will be circulated and approved by the members present and a list of fully paid up members, as well as those who lapsed during the current year will be circulated.


Any amendments relating to the existing regulations of the Statute must be sent to the Secretary, to be sent to all members, who shall call a meeting within ten (10) days. The amendments must be circulated to all members with the amendment noted in full on the agenda in the relevant notice period.


  1. The legal representation of the Club shall be vested in the President, Treasurer, Secretary or Captain pro tempore of the Club. They may sue or be sued in the name of the Club and generally represent the Club in ALL matters, including those related to banking and financial affairs, dealing with Government authorities or Institutions, and in any matters concerning applications, permits and any similar instrument, in so far as they have been given authority to do so under article 7.
  2. In all cases, any obligations entered into must, on pain of nullity, have the formal approval of the President of the Club.


  1. The intellectual property of the Club includes all copyright, patents, registered and unregistered trade-marks, and registered designs. Namely, the following and their derivatives are the exclusive property of the Club:

    • The Club emblem – Annex 1
  2. Only the Committee may authorise the use of its properties or delegate their usage to a third party. In each case, the use of its properties must be done in accordance with the spirit and regulations of the Club.
  3. The Club emblem cannot in any way be modified, except where deemed necessary by the Committee, and its use for advertising or commercial purposes must be authorised by the Committee.
  4. The Club emblem must appear on all official publications and promotional materials.


  1. The Club is established for an indefinite period. However, if its objects can no longer be fulfilled for any reason whatsoever it shall be dissolved by its members.
  2. In the event of dissolution, the Club shall be wound up and all its belongings shall be transferred to the Union.
  3. All full members of the Club shall be deemed guarantors of the activities, rights and delegations of the Club, as represented by the Committee which, by its election, is deemed to enjoy the confidence of the membership and to act as its delegate for all intents and purposes of law.

Signed by the Inaugural Committee this day, 9 of October, 2009.