1st Preaseason Event: Kayaking Team Building

For the first event of the Swieqi Overseas RUFC’s pre-season preparations, the club organised a fun afternoon consisting of kayaking and a variety of games and team building exercises. The event was held in Mistra Bay and surrounding areas.

This was a perfect occasion for the whole team to get together again for what we could call the first official fitness session of the year, building teamwork, harmony, and team spirit with having fun as the main objective..

It was also a perfect opportunity for the new rugby players to meet their new teammates, and vice-versa.

During those 2 hours the team enjoyed kayaking around the small island of St Pauls situated outside Mistra Bay, while also visitng some caves along the way. As with any rugby squad, the event was filled with some good banter from a roudy bunch, with players trying to sink each other’s kayaks and so on. The kayaking part of the session was carried out in teams of 2 players per kayak.

Another incident left 4 guys stranded on the uninhabited island after having their kayak hijacked by another group of players. This took place while trying to sneak some cheeky beers from a passing boat.

After paddling, the kayaks were used as a sumo ring, where 2 contestants had to step up on the kayak and try to push the other opponent in the water. This was a great occasion to see some beautiful artistic falls or plunges into the water.

All in all it was a highly entertaining day, where the social aspect met the physical one, and has hyped up everyone for the upcoming season.

A big thank you to all those involved in organising this event and well done to all those that attended.

Following this event, the first fitness session was held on Saturday the 30th of August at the Marsa Rugby Pitch a 3PM. This was a 2 hour session held by Swieqi Overseas Rugby Club’s own Malta National Rugby Player, Vince Stivala, who is also a certified personal trainer. The session involved strenous fitness excercises and a bit of friendly rugby in the scorching summer heat of Malta (approx 35 Celsius).

Photos and videos coming soon….

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